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Do you live in Batavia, Sugar Grove, North Aurora or another Chicagoland Suburb, and are looking for a great Montessori School?
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The Primary Years Help Children Prepare

The primary classroom in a Montessori school is about experiencing freedom – and learning the responsibility that comes with it. By kindergarten age, children are gaining confidence in their skills and becoming leaders for the younger students in their classroom.

Guided Learning

A Montessori-certified teacher leads the class with an assistant teacher, moving from student to student to present materials on an individual basis to match each student’s ability level. Our teachers spend time observing your child’s progress and taking notes to help decide which lessons and materials he or she will be ready for next.

Environment Is Important

Children learn in 6 main classroom areas. Math, Language and Art are all featured. Lessons included practical life skills like pouring from a pitcher and how to tie shoes, while sensorial shelves offer materials to practice and explore colors, shapes and sizes. Our cultural curriculum includes science and geography, as well as our unique STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) lessons.

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