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As a school serving our community for over 50 years, we thank all our families, donors, and staff, both past and present for their continued support of our school.  True to our commitment to foster independence, focus, peace, and individual discovery, our curriculum has continued to provide activities that encourage a child’s interest.  Fox Valley Montessori School is here, as we have always been, to support our families.

We recently heard from a parent who said “As a working mom, I really needed to know that when my daughter was away from me she would always have people caring for her with compassion, she would always be an environment that felt peaceful and safe to her, and she would still have adults to model the things that are important to us as a family.  I knew that the environment my daughter was in while I worked would play a big role in shaping her learning, her motor development, and even her personality; the people who take care of her when I can’t are part of our “village” and I couldn’t compromise on finding the place that was absolutely ideal.

When we visited FVMS for the first time I knew we had found that place. My child has already learned what it means to be part of a community, to take care of others in your community, and to let them support and take care of you. Because of her experience at FVMS she has also already learned that she has the potential to be a great leader – actually, she already shows great leadership qualities, skills that many of us don’t develop until much later in life, if at all. She knows that she can learn anything she wants to, and she knows that if she doesn’t get it the first time that is completely fine. I know that this confidence and love for learning will continue to shape her education for the rest of her life.”

As families continue to navigate the ever changing environment, we remain more committed than ever before to ensuring that our students have a quality experience at FVMS. If you’re looking around at the world today, wondering where to start, and how to make a difference, we invite you to contribute to FVMS.
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Change The world

The Silas Diversity Fund

The Silas Diversity Fund was started by an anonymous donor to honor their child Silas, who died during birth in 2014. To commemorate the significance that Silas's entrance into Kindergarten in 2020 would have meant for their family, they created this fund to keep his memory alive by supporting other children.

Through their experience with their surviving children, the family sees the value in education, specifically Montessori education. The family has also been impacted by the Black Lives Matter movement and their vision is to see a Black child with financial need from the Aurora community benefit from the early childhood curriculum provided by FVMS.

We are working hard to support and celebrate a diverse school community at FVMS, encompassing many races, beliefs, languages and family culture. We are strongest when we are together, and we strive to strengthen this facet of our school. We are thrilled to be involved with this initiative.

If you’re looking around at the world today, wondering where to start, and how to make a difference, we invite you to give to the Silas Diversity Fund in memory of Silas, and with bright hope for the future. All donations, large or small are appreciated because every dollar counts.

Give by mail: Checks can be made out to Fox Valley Montessori and mailed to:
850 N Commonwealth Ave, Aurora, IL 60506
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