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Our favorite comment to hear during tours as families observe classrooms is “I didn’t know they could do that by themselves!” Montessori classrooms are unique: beautiful, hands-on, and intentionally designed to encourage child-directed engagement with support from teachers.

Open-enrollment is approaching for Fall 2020 for both returning and new families, and we encourage everyone to visit our school to see Montessori in action - whether you have a child already enrolled or are considering Montessori. Observing the beauty of a Montessori classroom with children busy at work makes it easy to see the independence and focus being fostered daily.

Parents and visitors are constantly amazed at what the children are capable of doing independently. We hear things like, “I didn’t know they could do that by themselves!” “Did you see them sweep up their spill?”

For example, the 3 year old scrubbing the table is doing far more than playing in water. While they focus on the task at hand, they are at the same time completing an entire work cycle:

+ Putting on and securing their apron
+ Retrieving the necessary materials
+ Executing the scrubbing - which is performing large movement while also strengthening their hand to use a pencil appropriately when the time comes to write
+ Using a cloth towel to dry the table
+ Emptying the used water
+ Carefully returning the materials to their original places
+ Taking off and putting away their apron

As a fully accredited school through American Montessori Society, we offer students challenging work that is meaningful to them at their individual skill level. Our approach to learning follows Montessori philosophy by offering hands-on materials in all curricular areas and personal practical skills as well.

Our highly trained teachers work hard to set up a beautifully prepared environment, a cornerstone of the Montessori program. Through careful observation and consideration for each child’s needs, the teachers guide the flow and purpose of the environment to meet the children where they are while also cultivating growth. We pride ourselves in offering over 50 years of education in early childhood and elementary in Aurora.

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