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Like most people, we have subscriptions to various early childhood newsletters, elementary education focused newsletters, etc.  The following is a mix of an excerpt from a daily email called Exchange Every Day which focuses on early childhood along with information we wrote specific to our school.

”Spaces do more than speak - they load our bodies and minds with sensory information.” Jim Greenman, Caring Spaces, Learning Places. In Caring Spaces, Learning Places, Jim Greenman reminds us, “The physical and social environment plays a major role in our social and psychological lives, influencing the stress we experience in accomplishing personal and group goals, the form and nature of our social contacts, and our feelings of identity and self-worth. The nurturing spaces that support children’s development…childcare centers, the home, outdoor spaces, classrooms, and other areas a child visits each day [and] the schedules and materials in these spaces.”

At FVMS, we have spent countless hours observing the children in our environments and designing spaces to meet their needs at all levels, physically, cognitively and emotionally. We incorporate cultures into our programs through our materials and books.  Rooms are set up with materials with the child in mind and accessibility as a priority. We encourage families to set up their environments to be child friendly and avoid the stress of constantly reminding children not to touch things or to be careful of breakables.  We use real glass materials and this allows children to learn how to be slow and careful, and sometimes it does break because accidents happen! Observation is inherent in Montessori and we can make adjustments as needed throughout the year. Interested in learning more about FVMS, schedule a tour and meet our staff!