Montessori Mealtime

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Mealtime in our classrooms offers opportunities for meaningful work, concentration, language expression, grace and courtesy.

While each classroom has its own traditions, all of our rooms leverage mealtime to teach valuable life skills. From our elementary program rooms who host classmates from other rooms at lunch and share multicultural luncheons, to the toddlers who are learning how to set up a table properly and hone their eye-hand coordination as they eat, students learn together while they share meals, with a focus on creating a lovely, peaceful environment.

Here’s a few ways that our primary and toddler rooms make Montessori Mealtime special:

Students cut and arrange flowers as a weekly work to add vibrance and beauty to the meal tables.


Children prepare settings complete with utensils, cloth napkins, and tableware. Sustainability is important in our classrooms.


Glass dishes are used—even with the youngest children—to teach the importance of practicing careful use of items in daily life.

Interested in learning what else makes Montessori unique? Watch this video, and schedule a tour today.

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