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As we are all home, we asked our Fox Valley Montessori community the following questions:

What is your go to music playlist right now?

What is an activity you look forward to doing each day with your family?

What are you binging on television right now?

What types of family contributions (chores) are your children helping with?        

Jessica B. - The Baers are listening to lots of different music, but the favorite lately has been yoyo ma’s cello suites. Dutch blitz and farkel are favorite games in quarantine, and Esther has even picked up on how to play! The older kids are ravenously reading through book series, and we are bingeing on BBCs "Home Fires" and the "British Baking show.” We’ve tried a new daily cleanup time and we’ve ALL been doing lots more baking (and eating!).

Sara B. - is currently jamming to anything from the 90’s!  She looks forward to kids at tub time! "I try to incorporate our messier activities in the tub!" Family Movie night is now almost every night. Thank you Disney plus! Sara’s little ones are helping with making beds, sorting laundry, and yard work.

Jill U. - says they are enjoying musicals and anything Disney.  She is loving spending time doing crafts and reading.  Her family can’t get enough of Alphablocks.  Her children help with doing dishes and folding towels.

Stacy H. - is listening to a variety of different songs that I listen to. I don't think there is any one type of artist on there. She looks forward to doing lots of STEM activities, especially engineering. "Ben loves Engineering type activities. So we have been doing a lot of those lately.    I just finished Law and Order:SVU. So now I am binging crime documentaries on HULU    Klara has been baking a lot. Ben has liked helping her with this occasionally. He has also helped with some of the cleaning. Abby has helped with some of the cleaning as well. Abby has helped with coaching Ben through different taekwondo poses. Klara has also helped Ben with different homework things. He seems to listen to her better than me. :) "

Dyana G. - is listening to 80's classic rock  She most looks forward to having dinner together with her family each day.  She is watching #BlackAF & Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  Her kids are helping with laundry, loading & unloading the dishwasher, and feeding the dogs.

Ms. Yus - has some Gospel music on all the time.  She looks forward to dinner together each evening.  She can’t stop watching old sports and videos/movies.  Her girls are helping with all the cooking and cleaning.

Emily H - is forced to listen to the "Frozen II Soundtrack - despite continually trying to "Let it Go"! " She enjoys cooking dinner together and going for a family walk after dinner.   She isn’t binging on anything but the kids are spending time watching cartoons in German.  The older ones are responsible for 10 minutes of clean-up every night and putting their laundry away.

Josh J. - is listening to a compilation of songs that collectively remind him of vacations.  He is looking forward to cooking dinner.  He is watching the West Wing for the 4th or 5th time.  His small human is helping with vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, dishes, cooking, and taking out garbage.

Luz O. - is rocking out to 90s Dance music.  She looks forward to family game time.  The binge at their house right now is Adventure Time.  The boys are helping with making meals, cleaning up toys/vacuuming and taking care of kitties.  

Deanna H. - is playing songs from Frozen I & II, Moana, Trolls, I'm still standing (Elton John), My Way (Frank Sinatra), We are the Dinosaurs& more!  She looks forward to playing go fish, zingo, and jenga with the boys.  They are watching Cyberchase, Ruff Ruffman, Izzy's toy time, marble runs, and ninja warriors  They work as a team on laundry and cleaning their room.

Desoray - is listening to Low-fi Radio.  She is looking forward to cooking each day.  She can’t stop watching Star Wars The Mandalorian.  Her son is helping with folding laundry, dusting furniture, setting up the dinner table, and washing dishes.

Ms. Sabine - isn’t utilizing playlists, although she listens to a lot of experimental music lately .  She most looks forward to eating and reading together with her family. While she doesn’t binge watch, she does “binge listen to audio books a lot, if binge listening is a thing....” Her children help with setting the table, doing the laundry, take the compost to the bin, filling and emptying the dish-washing machine, and everything around the house and garden if she asks for help!

Colleen L. - is rocking to “Outside vibes ” on Spotify.  She is looking forward to jumping on the trampoline each day.  The grownups are binging on Better Call Saul while the kids are enjoying Gargoyles.  Her two kids are washing dishes, putting away laundry, and clearing the table at mealtimes.

Ashley T. - is keeping the station on Eric Church.  She is loving family bike rides.  They are binging on The Ranch, Dead to Me, Schitt's Creek.  Her boys are unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming, cleaning windows, and sorting laundry.

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