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Upper Elementary News

  The Upper Elementary classroom has enjoyed a very productive start of a new school year. The students are all adjusting well to the rhythm of the classroom. We have been busy covering many of our beginning of the year favorites such as Maria Montessori’s great lesson presentations: the Coming of the Universe, the Archeozoic…


Maple News

Hello, families!   Children are formally instructed in social skills they will use throughout their lives, for example, saying “please” and “thank you,” interrupting conversations politely, requesting rather than demanding assistance, and greeting guests warmly.     As most of the children are here for lunch each day, they have been able to set their…


Magnolia News

The children have settled into the routine of the class and they are choosing their work independently now. Some of the favorites are table scrubbing, parts of the horse, handwriting, and sounds. As the children continue their work on social skills, they are forming relationships with their friends and discovering their similarities. The children are…


Oak Classroom News

Dear Parents,   I can hardly believe our last month of school has already arrived!  Truly the children have grown so much and become so confident.  Spring has sprung all around us!  During walks we have heard the call of robins and cardinals.  It has been exciting to see buds on trees and stems sprouting…